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Our solutions are focused on 3 major pillars: 
Business, Product & Growth.

Our Services

We Deliver Results. 
This is how we get it done:


Your results are our success.

Whether you are a startup or a growing company, we implement and execute comprehensive business methodologies that include market research, defining the MVP or your growth engines, formulating a go to market strategy, business development and the final execution phase. 


Idea to product.

We work together to define your vision and develop digital products that best match your business needs. In collaboration with the product and engineering teams, we accurately specify, optimize and launch products, interfaces, and experiences.


From Data & Tech to business results. 

Our data-driven methodology and collection of smart marketing techniques enable development of solid infrastructures to grow your business in the digital arena.
We use resource-light and cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help you grow and retain an active user base,increase revenue and gain exposure.

The Process

With our result-driven approach, we take your business hand-in-hand, from vision to full execution: strategy formulation, characterization or optimization of the business model and final delivery of each business case through customized solutions. Our services include end-to-end applied solutions:

1. Research

Competitive landscape, new market opportunities, business models, insights for product development, brand equity.

2. Planning 

Strategy, ideation, vision and business goals, growth engines, business model, financial plan, marketing strategy, GTM, data strategy, consumer journeys.  

3. Production Design, UX\UI, prototyping, infrastructure, development, digital channels, content & storytelling, teams & suppliers. 

4. Launch & GTM

Campaign - user acquisition & retention, CRO, creative, data marketing  

5. Ongoing Optimisation

growth hacking, digital product iteration, campaigns optimization 

Our Experience 


Our approach is a results-driven business with an emphasis on execution for our partners.

From strategy formulation, through characterization or optimization of the business model to the execution of any business process, we offer customized end-to-end applied solutions.

Kfir Levy 


With over 16 Years of experience in digital marketing ( Microsoft , Mako , Startups and more) , sales & business development – becoming an expert in the digital marketing, with a strong understanding of data, technology, and media.
Helping startups, entrepreneurs and leading brands reach their goals & accelerate their business, by developing and executing innovative data marketing solutions, establishing sales channels and marketing strategies, design partnerships , tech adoption and Go To Market strategies .

Arik Ben Yair

20 years of experience in the business and entrepreneurial world, in senior management positions (general management, finance management, etc.) in the media and digital (such as the CFO of Haaretz Group) global firms (such as KPMG, ORACLE), founder of various companies in the digital, media, and eCommerce industries, and leading mergers and acquisitions. Specialization in development and structuring of business models (from concept to implementation) Managing innovation processes, raising capital, and leading partnerships and commercial activities.


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